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In this section, I share skills, knowledge and experience related to electonics, lab bench, microcotrollers and similar.


This section is about going or being somewhere. About life in different countries, about camping and hiking, different opinions and views. Travel blog here, as well. Includes ski, sailing trips and diving log.


This shelf is for referencing to external resources, such as bookmarks, books, music titles, project names. Names of organizations, associates and clubs.

Radio Amateur Activities

On this shelf, you may find projects related to radio amateur activities: operating on the air, contesting (radio amateur competitions), soldering and building projects, repairs, enjoyment and frustration experiences.


List of the projects I was or I am involved.


Personal growth, psychology, time and task management.

Radio Amateur

all about electronics, radio amateur hobby


DXpedition is a combination of two words: DX (distant station) and expedition, which means a long distance radio (amateur) station is heard and/or contacted. I am keen of "activating" rare locations, which requires travelling to unusual places. Greatest DXpedi...


To listen and/or operate on air, radio amateur needs some kind of equipment. Generally, there are two significant parts: receiving and transmitting. To receive signals, we need antennas, antanna feeding cables, impedence matchinng units (also known as antenna ...

FI - Finland

The country of lakes and saunas, not only.

FR - France

The country of baguettes and cheese. Not limited to :)

RU - Russia

Bears in the cities, crazy drivers and rest propaganda you see on Internet .. true.

UAE - United Arab Emirates

Fairy tale. It is.

SA - Saudi Arabia

Sand, extreme sun suring summer.

TR - Turkey

Delicious food, good servce. Good locations.

EC - Ecuador

I have been to Ecuador in the end of 2014, while participating in DXpedition to Galapagos Islands.

NO - Norway

EG - Egypt

TN - Tunisia

ES - Spain

UK - United Kingdom

SE - Sweden

OM - Oman

IT - Italy

GE - Georgia

Informative portal, guide on how to Install and Use applications (workstation/desktop, server, mobile and cloud based). []

RX Receivers


TX Transmitters


Nowadays, transmitter usually is part of transceiver, that is why is chapter mostly dedicated to self-contained transmitter projects, such as radio beacons (telegraph, WSPR and APRS).

XCVR Transceivers


A transceiver stands for TRANSmitter/reCEIVER, a combination of receiver and transmitter. Usually, a main element on radio amateur desk ("shack") and a door (or window) on the air.

ANT Antennas


Antennas are all of sorts. They can be big, very big and strange. Due to the limitations of my locations (QTH), mostly, I build portable antennas.

PA Power Amplifiers


Power amplifiers are intended.. hmm.. to amplify power of outgoing signal from transmitter to antenna. I would categorize power amplifiears, very broadly into three categories: low power QRP (to 20 W), normal power (to 100-200 W) and high power QRO (all above)...

PSU Power Supply Units and PDU Power Distribution Units


To be able to emit radio signals, we need energy. That energy, usually, comes from the socket, but not always. This chapter is all about it.

Capital Region

FI - Finland

Also known as The Big Helsinki, which includes cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and surrounding municipalities (Kauniainen, Vihti, Tuusula, Kerava, Järvenpää), strictly speaking it is not, but people understand it like this.

Southern Savonia

FI - Finland

Also known as South Savo, with it's three major cities: Mikkeli, Savonlinna and Pieksämäki.

Southern Karelia

FI - Finland

Also heard as South Karelia, with two major cities: Lappeenranta and Imatra.


SA - Saudi Arabia


SA - Saudi Arabia

Mediterranean Region

TR - Turkey

Adana - Çukurova - Mersin - Kargıpınarı - Arpaçbahşiş - Erdemli - Kızkalesi

Istanbul region

TR - Turkey

Central Anatolia

TR - Turkey

Aegean region

TR - Turkey

00557 - QRP Labs - QCX+ Tranceiver


00667 - QRP Labs - 50 W Amplifier


2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ


2023 - RSGB IOTA Contest - TA/OH2DZ


00755 - K3NG CW Keyer



How I became a radio amateur?

Radio Amateur

This is a first page of the book.  

00164 - QRO Power Meter

Equipment PA Power Amplifiers

= Objectives = measure outgoing and reflected power from transceivers and power amplifiers. = Resources = digital power indicator and measurament board ( case aluminium case = Schematics = = Assembly = = Inital run and adjustments =

Yalova and Thermal

TR - Turkey Istanbul region

hot spring water bath


TR - Turkey Central Anatolia

Regional administrative center. In the city itself, almost nothing to see, except old clock on main square. Locals come from regions for medical services and tourists come for ski. But.. ski resort is a little bit a side from the city.


TR - Turkey Central Anatolia


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region

Informative portal is built every brick and wood by time, sweat, blood pressure, frustration and enjoyment. InstallAndUse on different platforms: Website YouTube Instagram https://instagram...

UI - User interface


In the beginning of 2024, RZ4AG, Alexander Anipkin asked on DXSoftSupport Telegram channel anybody willing to participate in the development of new version of AALog, radio amateur journal. I nodded within my head, "Why not?". At that point, I did no know it wi...

00557 - A power switch cap

Devices 00557 - QRP Labs - QCX+ Tranceiver

On 2024-05-26, a power switch cap fell down. To solve this issue, Anton took a drop of glue and fixed parts together! Fixed.

00557 - Why Anton decided to build a KIT ?

Devices 00557 - QRP Labs - QCX+ Tranceiver

In this video, Anton explains why he decided to build QRP Labs - QCX+ 5 W CW Tranceiver KIT.

00667 - Assembly video timelapse

Devices 00667 - QRP Labs - 50 W Amplifier

2024-05 @Riyadh In this video I document process of assembling 50 W power amplifier from QRP-labs. Interesting moments: kit had not two resistors for attenuator, I used USSR NOS (New Old Stock) parts to continue wi...


Contests 2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ

During preparation, Anton sets up a station and founds issues: transceiver needs a telepgraph keyer. Antennas: decided to try End Fed Random Wire with UnUn 1:4 decided to use vertical delta loop with highest point of 7 m


Contests 2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ

Challanges What can be improved?

Expected environment

Contests 2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ

Advantages: good mobile Internet proximity to civilization Challanges high temperature lack of proper antennas low power