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00164 - QRO Power Meter

Equipment PA Power Amplifiers

= Objectives = measure outgoing and reflected power from transceivers and power amplifiers. = Resources = digital power indicator and measurament board ( case aluminium case = Schematics = = Assembly = = Inital run and adjustments =

Yalova and Thermal

TR - Turkey Istanbul region

hot spring water bath


TR - Turkey Central Anatolia

Regional administrative center. In the city itself, almost nothing to see, except old clock on main square. Locals come from regions for medical services and tourists come for ski. But.. ski resort is a little bit a side from the city.


TR - Turkey Central Anatolia


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region


TR - Turkey Aegean region

Informative portal is built every brick and wood by time, sweat, blood pressure, frustration and enjoyment. InstallAndUse on different platforms: Website YouTube Instagram https://instagram...

UI - User interface


In the beginning of 2024, RZ4AG, Alexander Anipkin asked on DXSoftSupport Telegram channel anybody willing to participate in the development of new version of AALog, radio amateur journal. I nodded within my head, "Why not?". At that point, I did no know it wi...

00557 - A power switch cap

Devices 00557 - QRP Labs - QCX+ Tranceiver

On 2024-05-26, a power switch cap fell down. To solve this issue, Anton took a drop of glue and fixed parts together! Fixed.

00557 - Why Anton decided to build a KIT ?

Devices 00557 - QRP Labs - QCX+ Tranceiver

In this video, Anton explains why he decided to build QRP Labs - QCX+ 5 W CW Tranceiver KIT.

00667 - Assembly video timelapse

Devices 00667 - QRP Labs - 50 W Amplifier

2024-05 @Riyadh In this video I document process of assembling 50 W power amplifier from QRP-labs. Interesting moments: kit had not two resistors for attenuator, I used USSR NOS (New Old Stock) parts to continue wi...


Contests 2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ

During preparation, Anton sets up a station and founds issues: transceiver needs a telepgraph keyer. Antennas: decided to try End Fed Random Wire with UnUn 1:4 decided to use vertical delta loop with highest point of 7 m


Contests 2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ

Challanges What can be improved?

Expected environment

Contests 2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ

Advantages: good mobile Internet proximity to civilization Challanges high temperature lack of proper antennas low power


Contests 2024 - CQ WPX CW - HZ1DZ

Zero QSOs. Lessons learnt: prepare station in advance (week before, test and operate day before in the same conditions as operating contest) he would have a time to resolve arised issues